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ISCAcon33 Award Categories

Live Competitions:

Participants in live competitions are responsible for supplying their own drawing tables, boards, paper, etc. ISCA will provide chairs ONLY for these competitions.

Likeness Competition

(A warm up round, and three 10-minute official rounds) In each round, artists will have 10 minutes to draw the same subject. Paper size should be no larger than 12 inches (30.5 centimeters) by 16 inches (40.6 centimeters). Artists participating in the Likeness Competition are prohibited from adding bodies/gags to their drawings. Drawings must be of head and shoulders ONLY and done in black & white on white paper (shading is okay). The focus of this particular competition is getting really great LIKENESS while maintaining the defining qualities of caricature. Following each round, artists must write their competition number on each caricature and they will be hung on a designated wall space by Board members. Following the third round, Professional Members will have 20 minutes to vote on their favorite rendition of each subject. 

Live Event Style & Speed Competition

The Live Event Style and Speed Competition have been merged into a single event, which will determine the winners of each category. Competitors will have 15 minutes to draw live subjects in a party/event atmosphere. Competitors may draw in whatever style they want — black and white, color, heads-only, heads & bodies, digital*, any size — though it’s suggested they work in whatever style/setup best reflects their own live drawing setup. Only one face per page is allowed. Paper must be no wider than 20”. The contest is moderated live; anyone found to be using pre-drawn assets (bodies, faces, props, pre-printed paper/borders/logos) will be disqualified. Artists must write their competition number on each caricature. Competitors will also have to balance sellable drawing quality with the quantity of drawings they are able to produce for the Speed Competition. Competitors will need to produce at least 6 drawings to qualify for Speed Competition judging.

After ALL heats are over, competitors will have 20 minutes to hang their art on their wall. Any competitor found to be hanging artwork before all heats are over will be disqualified.

*ISCA will not be providing a printer, those who choose to draw digitally must provide their own printer.

A note for competitors and non-competitors: This competition only works if we have plenty of subjects. If you are not competing, please be a subject! If you are competing, please be a subject in the other heats! We will be running multiple heats, so we encourage you to stick around for the duration of the entire competition so that each heat has plenty of people to draw. Anyone with ticketed access to the ballroom can be a subject, including Day Pass holders.  

Main Ballot:

FB Contest Winner 

Attending members vote on their single favorite drawing from all of the first place winners of the ISCA Members Facebook Contest (those won between 11/18/23 and 11/10/24). The recipient is given a free one year Professional Membership to ISCA.

Best Live/Retail Portfolio

This year, Live/Retail Portfolio submissions will be a single sided/single printed sheet of paper that displays selected artworks/subjects. Paper size should be no larger than 12 x 18inches (40 x 55 cm). Artists can select as many works that best represent the artists’ live drawings from 2024 and fit on a single piece of paper (live work is defined as any caricature created in a retail or gig setting). Reference images of the subjects MUST be included.

Outstanding Body Situation

Outstanding Body Situation is awarded for the most interesting, humorous, or innovative use of the full figure of the subject(s). When voting, be sure to consider drawings of individuals, as well as groups while keeping in mind a focus on the figure. 

Most Humorous 

Awarded for exceptional use of humor in caricature. When you are voting, consider the pieces that make you laugh!

Outstanding Monochromatic Technique 

Awarded for exceptional use of black and white, grayscale or monochrome technique in caricature. When voting, consider line quality and/or use of black and white or single color values.

Outstanding Color Technique 

Awarded for exceptional understanding and application of color theory in caricature. When voting, consider how color and color theory concepts are used to enhance likeness, exaggeration, and overall composition of a piece.

Standout Style

Our members work in a wide range of unique styles to successfully convey a strong likeness. These include but are not limited to abstract, minimal, design-forward, expressionism, cubism, and more. When voting, pick a style that stands out most distinctly to you.

Outstanding Exaggerated Style 

  • Awarded for exceptional use of exaggeration in caricature. By definition, a piece cannot be a caricature without exaggeration. When voting, consider how the exaggerations used by the artist enhance the likeness. Does this advance the art form into new and exciting directions?

Outstanding Dimensional Design

Awarded for work that goes beyond two dimensions. This could be three-dimensional work in clay, foam, folded paper, fabric, found objects, or more. This could include things that add the other senses. It could also be artwork in an interactive experience, animation, or augmented reality. When voting, consider these extra dimensions and more. Keep in mind artwork may be on wall spaces, or on the 3D tables. 

Outstanding Cartoon Style 

Awarded for exceptional use of cartooning technique in caricature. When voting, consider the use of character design, cartoon and comic book illustration techniques.

Ismael Roldan/First Time Competitor

Any first time IN-PERSON con competitor is eligible for First Time Competitor (if your first time competing was at ISCAcon29: Mailbox Mayhem, or VIRTUALLY at ISCAcon30: Las Vegas, you will still qualify for this award). First Time Competitors will be designated with a green dot next to their wall number. When voting, consider the wall/body of work of all the first time competitors and choose your favorite.

Best Studio Piece

Participants may submit their single best studio piece that was made in the past year. Submissions must be able to fit on a 12”L x 18”W table space and no more than 30” Height (30.48cm L x 45.72cm W and no more than 76.2cm Height). The subject of the studio piece does NOT need to be an ISCA member. Voting is subjective, pick one that speaks to you!

Top 10 Caricatures of the Year

When voting, this really can be your favorite caricature. What do you consider the most impactful? Does it have all the elements of what you consider to be a great caricature?

New in 2024: No artist can place more than one time in this category. For example, if an artist receives votes that put them in both 9th and 4th place, they will be awarded the higher placement (4th place).

Top 10 Caricaturists of the Year (Noseys)

When voting, consider the artist’s entire wall/body of work and vote on who you think deserves to be the winner of the prestigious Golden Nosey.

Guest of Honor’s Choice Award

A single winner chosen at the discretion of our Guest of Honor, Peter Emmerich.


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