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Jeffrey Arce



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I travel all over the east coast for work with my caricature art company Otherworld Caricatures. New York City, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Maine.
I have been doing live caricatures in the carnival circuit for 12 years. I was The California Boy’s first full time employee and managed a second unit for them in Texas for 3 years. I have worked for Sketch Monger with Rob Little on his Missouri state fair rout, I have managed for Tim Reed’s Caricature Ink company for 3 years and helped him to secure their Strawberry Fest account with BCA in Plant City Florida. I now currently run my own operation called Otherworld Caricatures, doing shows annually from Florida to Maine, been at it for 4 years. I also do digital cartoons and 3D modeling. That’s my passion. I love horror, dark fantasy, and monsters.

@ISCAcaricatures on Instagram

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