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Indiana is home. Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Kentucky are all in-bounds for us . If someone likes me enough and will cover the travel expenses we are all in.
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Handsome, strong, youthful . . . these are but a few of the traits that I used to have before I became ugly, weak and very, very old.

Aside from that I am charming beyond compare and an exceptional artist. Not the best ever you understand (we all know who that is} No I am the second best artist . . . EVER. I am humble to a fault, caring and generous with everyone except bad waiters/waitresses and those irritating people who can't figure out that the fast lane is for faster moving traffic.

I have a lovely, loving wife, four exceptional kids (all out of the house -except for the boy), two of the most adorable grand-babies and one cuddly little Yorkie named Duddy.

By the way, my wife Patty is my business manager and travels to 98% of the gigs I work. She runs the show so all I have to do is draw. We are a set (like salt and pepper).

OH YEAH! I like to scuba dive if only I had gone for the re-certification.

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