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Tom Faraci


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Available for online commission work.

For events I can and have worked anywhere in the US, but my local region includes Northern and Central Ohio (Cleveland, Sandusky, Toledo, Columbus, Lake County). Travel rates may apply.
Former President of ISCA (2020-2021)

I've been a member of ISCA since 2010, and a board member for the organization from 2015-2021. These days you can find me on the festival circuit with In Your Face Creative Studios. My documentary film, American Caricature, debuted at the 2019 ISCAcon in Memphis, TN.

Or, if you prefer to read my bio in the third person, here's an excerpt from my website:

"Tom Faraci is a is a caricaturist, illustrator, designer, filmmaker, and fully grown adult who refuses to get a real job. Tom is also a proud member and former president of the International Society of Caricature Artists. Though having graduated college with a degree in Graphic Design in 2008, the majority of his experience comes from his years as a live caricaturist, having drawn at various theme parks and festivals across the country, including Cedar Point, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, the South Texas State Fair, The Kentucky Derby Festival, and The Ohio State Fair. Last, along with his film partner Joe Ciomek, Tom has helped produce, direct, and edit American Caricature - a documentary film that he hopes will further expose the world of caricature art to the public."

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