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I was Born on an Air Force Base in Oscoda, MI in 1983.
I grew up changing schools every 3/4 years, travelling from Michigan to England, then to Knasas, Guam, Arkansas, Turkey, then finally settling down in Arizona, where the rest of my family lived the whole time I was travelling the globe.
I was an only child so I drew to keep myself company. Besides my grandma, I'm the only one that drew pictures.
I wanted to be an animator when I grew up, as I was always copying the cartoons I loved (Ren & Stimpy, Last Unicorn, Dark Crystal, Jetsons) so much.
I went to Arizona State and studied Painting and graduated with a BFA in 2009. I'm still doing portraits for folks, but have recently tried caricature. From 2003 to now I have been painting faces, at one event there was a caricature artist, Chris Collins, doing his thing with a line across the field. At the end of the event, he was still drawing while they were tearing down, and I asked if he'd show me some of that caricature stuff. He sat me down, showed me Tom Richmond's book, Joe Bluhm's Rejects, and some others online, and just about blew my mind.
I'm really enjoying this art form, although it's seriously difficult to do well.
I've got a digital caricature setup and really enjoy drawing on the Surface computer.
I drew digital caricature for the gmc event for the superbowl xlix in Phoenix 2015, and drew paper caricatures at the actual pregame.
That was a serious flashbulb moment for me.
It was difficult because at that time I had had my first baby, Blake and was trying to manage my biology as well as enjoy a pretty neat event. Since then I've had another baby, Kate this year, 2016.
In the future I'd like to draw digital caricature at conventions, and I'd like to draw at another Superbowl- that was so neat. I think drawing near the ocean would be another goal of mine.

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