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Exaggerated Features has been the premier magazine for the art of caricature for over 30 years and also serves as the newsletter for the International Society of Caricature Artists. Keep up to date with the latest tips, tricks and tools of the trade with this quarterly publication. Dive into interesting interviews with industry leading professionals. Heck, you might even get featured yourself! 

Each issue of Exaggerated Features is released digitally for Professional ISCA members only. Professional Members currently also receive two physical copies mailed to their homes each year.

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Learn Tips and Tricks of the Trade!

The ISCA YouTube channel is home to all sorts of drawing processes talks and lots of other goodies. You’ll find archived presentations, demos, how-to's and so much more.

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wiki.caricature.org (alpha) is still in its early phases of development but is still being constantly updated. It currently offers the last ten years+ of Exaggerated Features content in a fully searchable format. Thanks to the donation of a lifetime ISCA member, we are currently scanning and uploading content all the way back to the ISCA's creation back in 1990, originally known as the NCN. A powerful resource for all caricaturists of all skill levels. Tap into the collected 30 years of knowledge, interviews, how-to’s, process walkthroughs, ISCAcon history, video tutorials and more! V

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ISCA Private Facebook Communities

ISCA Members FB Contest

Few caricature drawings are sillier or more hilarious than when caricaturists draw each other. In this group a new subject is chosen twice a month and everyone posts their submissions to be voted on, just for fun!

At the end of the year, the 24 winners are voted on, and that champion gets a free year of ISCA membership!

Available to all ISCA membership levels.


Do YOU want to get in the running to be picked to be the subject of a contest? We love new faces!

Once you're a member, you can fill out our form to have your face featured. In turn, you'll get some amazing, one-of-a-kind caricatures drawn of you from some of the best artists around the world.

Available to all ISCA membership levels.

ISCA Members FB Workshop

New celebrity subjects are chosen every month! This is a great place to post your progress and processes to get feedback from fellow artists. Discuss techniques from capturing likeness, exaggeration and distortion to your favorite brushes and art tools.

The more active you are in the group, the more you will get out of it.

Available to all ISCA membership levels.

ISCA Professional Members FB Group

This is where most of our members meet to discuss all things caricature.

Improving your craft, new art tools, drawing advice, best business practices, tech tips and overall general discussion.

Professional Membership required.


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