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Created on: April 27, 2016
I'm a professional illustrator based in Pittsburgh, PA 15228; I've drawn many cartoons and illustrations for newspapers, children's books and many, many comic books for DC Comics, Marvel , Disney, Harvey, Archie and others.
For the past thirty-some years I've drawn 1,000's of caricatures at 100's of parties and events and caricature and portrait commissions for all kind of events and individuals. Here are a few samples, I hope you like.
  • Super-Hero PARTY CaRiCAtUrE
  • Wedding Invitations CaRiCAtUrE
  • Wedding PARTY CaRiCAtUrE
  • Bar Mitzvah PARTY CaRiCAtUrE
  • New Year's Eve PARTY CaRiCAtUrE
  • Wedding Proposal Studio CaRiCAtUrE
  • Wedding Invitations CaRiCAtUrE
  • Retirement Studio CaRiCAtUrE
  • Wedding PARTY CaRiCAtUrE
  • From Your Photo to My Layout to Your Finished Drawing

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